Case Studies

"Mr. Lattig never misses a beat, which had not been my experience with past patent professionals. He is on top of our tech as much as we are; that's why he has drafted over 25 applications for me and my team alone."
-- Prolific Inventor, Fortune 10 Company.

Case Study 1

Start-up biomedical company developed pioneering technology but did not know how to exploit their technology to exclude others.  Charter guided them through the patent process, drafted and filed their pioneering application in the U.S. and abroad.  Company’s published application has served as another vehicle for company to attract investment.

Case Study 2

Fitness products company developed new product that exploded onto national fitness industry with over $30M in revenues its first year.  Charter advised company to file IP well ahead of product launch in all markets where sales expected.  Company now has worldwide patent, trademark and copyright protection and has invoked their intellectual property rights against global companies manufacturing knockoff and counterfeit products.  Press releases on litigation efforts have acted as additional marketing for company.

Case Study 3

Fortune 500 company intent on developing comprehensive IP portfolio around major new product prior to launch. Company enlists Mr. Lattig to help spearhead organization and develop strategy to cover critical aspects of company’s game-changing technology.   Over 35 new patent applications are on file as of product launch.

Case Study 4

A start-up software company develops a database that becomes highly valued by government and private enterprise.  Intellectual property related to the database organization and operation is protected by patents and copyrights obtained by Charter.  IP protection becomes a key issue in the company’s contract negotiations for contracts.