Globalization, Counterfeiting and Piracy

The explosion of trade in counterfeit and pirated goods due to globalization of the world's economies threatens America's innovation economy, the competitiveness of our businesses, the livelihoods of U.S. workers, and, in some cases, national security and the health and safety of consumers. The trade in these illegitimate goods is associated with smuggling and other criminal activities, and often funds criminal enterprises.

Stopping the flow of fake goods of our client's products is a top priority for Charter IP. Hence, we are heavily invested in dealing with the counterfeiting and piracy issues of our clients' products. Charter IP has developed strong ties with Special Agents in the U.S Customs and Border Control (CBP) to ensure that our client's trademarks, copyrights and design patents are properly recorded, and that designated agents at specific ports of entry are kept fully informed of counterfeiters identified through our investigative efforts.

Our network of foreign partners assist us in monitoring counterfeiting activities related to our client's products, and support our investigative efforts to ensure that infringers can be identified and that sufficient evidence is collected for legal proceedings to protect our client's intellectual property assets. We work closely with our foreign partners to record our client's foreign IP with their local customs agencies, and assist them in identifying and tracking containers of counterfeit articles in the distribution chain from point of debarkation to the destination port of entry where these containers may be seized.


It's your idea. Own it.

Your idea should be yours. Your novel chip design, fabric material, fitness product, song, slogan or unique method for providing an interactive gaming platform on the web could make all the difference for you in a competitive market. From patents to trademarks and branding to copyrights, your intellectual property is becoming ever more valuable to you. As the stakes rise, Charter IP can help you acquire the advantages that you the entrepreneur or innovator will want as you tackle intellectual property management and competitive tests

Our client is our partner.

We do not compromise on the attention to detail or sensitivity to your needs. We advise our clients in all aspects of intellectual property matters. Our clients come in all sizes and represent many sectors of business and technology, ranging from FORTUNE 500® companies to individual inventors, authors, and entrepreneurs. We invite you to become one of our trusted partners.


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"Charter is a seamless extension of our company. Matt and his team exude genuine passion for our company's success and I know they bring this to work daily on our account."
-- CEO, Golf Products Company, California